How To Install Oil Cooler in Motor Yamaha Mio

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Install Oil Cooler for cooling your Yamaha Mio Engine, if your engine has been modified into a high compression, fit to wear the oil cooler to cooling your engine, consider the following tips article. How to install the oil cooler formotor yamaha mio, honda tiger, and you can also apply to other general motors. 

For Yamaha Mio, you can using Cool brands from Thailand (Gambar 1.) that can be redeemed for Rp 350 thousand."Following a complete package and hose nipples (Gambar 2.) to be connected to oil path in the cylinder head. Stay put, "said Johanes Hanafi, the boss of the X-16 that stores are now moving in the district office for Lima Permai Jl. Moh. Mansour No.11 block A-4, Bridge Lima Permai, Jakarta Pusat.
its Easy to installing Oil Cooler, John said that once applied to the motor's customers, for its own oil cooler can be placed at the top of the cylinder head using an additional bracket that has been provided. Or mounted under the seat cover body.
Gambar Step by step to installing Oil Cooler in Motor Yamaha Mio.
"Then uninstall an existing 10 mm bolts at the top right cylinder head and replace the nipples of the long form in moderate mounting bolts before," said Hendi, mechanical X-16. If you have, connect the hose from the oil to the nipples Coller posted earlier.
Next, plug the nipples are shaped like a ring at the end of the hose out or coming out of the oil cooler. Oh yes, point out the oil from the oil cooler could have relied on the word 'Cool' (Gambar 3.) which are listed in the body oil cooler.
Finished it, remove one nut cylinder head, which may be anywhere, then enter the ring-shaped nipples had to bolt the cylinder head that his nuts removed. Then install it again and tighten the nut. Finished..
But remember, if it has been applying the oil cooler, do not forget to add the volume of oil about 200 ml. So when the standard dose of 800 ml, added a 1,000 ml (1 liter).

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