Yamaha Mio Thailand Drag Bike FFA Matic 350 cc

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Yamaha Mio YSS FCC Dang Mahachai K-1 Speed which is translucent 6.8 Seconds in FFA Drag Bike Matic 350 cc, Drag Racer Thailand Napat Changpai. That in the event TDR Racing Super Open International (TRSOI) at Circuit Tepnakorn, Thailand. Though the technology carried arguably not much different from what the country (Indonesia) Tunner wear on the track straight for 201 meters.

Yamaha Mio YSS FCC Dang Mahachai Thailand.
Specifications of Yamaha Mio Thailand YSS FCC Dang Mahachai K-1 Speed Drag Bike
piston diameter 70 mm mounted to linner. "More like to use this piston. Due to power better and could use a big valve, "said Witthaya Chamnanwat, mechanic Dangmahachai team from Thailand this. Big Piston, would also need a valve that also fit the needs of fuel and exhaust gas. valve 34 mm (in) and 30 mm (ex). Mechanic Dangmahachai team from Thailand Witthaya Chamnanwat choose titanium valve material.
Through the use of a bloated bore, stroke also lengthen. Crankshaft move the pen as far as 13 mm. That means, up and down a 26 mm. Total of 83.4 mm stroke. Rounded, 84 mm. Capacity is now 323 cc cylinder. Create handlebars piston, he rely on brand TDR 120 mm in length. Oh yes! Stretcher cylinder block which has a mixture of ceramic materials.  CDI using Itac AP brand.Crburator using Keihin PWK 34 mm. Race which already has a cylinder 323 cc, large diameter exhaust apply neck. That is, 32 mm. So, the rest of the exhaust gas generated current.

Other Specifications
Front tire size 60/80-17 using Vee Rubber, Rear tire size 45/90-17 Vee Rubber, Sok back using YSS Brand, Brakes Caliper using Brembo brand, Chassis Yamaha Mio using Aluminum (Aftermarket) for Racing Use Only.
Knalpot Yamaha Mio Thailand Drag Bike.

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