Specs for Motor Drag Liar Yamaha Mio

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Specifications for Motor Drag Liar (Street Drag Bike) Yamaha Mio.
If you want to build Street Drag Bike or Motor Drag Liar, you can refer to the information below. This specifications just for Yamaha Mio Motorcycle.
Specs Motor Drag Yamaha Mio Sporty Modified by HDM.
1. Yamaha Mio using Piston oversized of Honda Tiger 250. Size 66 mm diameter.
2. Replaced the standard boring. and Using the new boring outer diameter 69 mm.
3. Using a pen stroke which resulted in 1.5 mm piston step up 3 mm.Hence block gasket should also use aluminum 0.7 mm thick. The increase in stroke can be calculated. Originally 57.9 + 3 mm = 60.9 mm. Coupled with Tiger piston diameter 66 mm. Capacity is now a 208 cc cylinder.
4.  Applying EE valve size of 30 mm for in valve and 25 mm outThe performance of this large umbrella valve open and the lid is also regulated by a valve of Japan. As the valve is already known to many people. Elevator return can be high and not easily lackluster.
5. Performance valve is also regulated by customize you Camshaft. Total duration Camshaft it is in the range of numbers 270 °.
6. CVT Spring using 2000 RPM, for maximum acceleration.
7.  Racing exhaust DBS Product, brand from Thailand.

Detailed Picture Motor Drag Liar Yamaha Mio Components.

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dex said...

what parts should i install in my yamaha mio sporty.. i want it 140cc whats the good parts for 140cc?. thx a lot boss..

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