Yamaha Mio 2008 Thailand Drag Bike

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How to Modifications Yamaha Mio into Drag Bike (Motor Drag) using techniques that usually mechanic from Thailand to build Drag Bike.
Yamaha Mio 2008 Drag Bike using Thailand Techniques.
1. No need anymore to rely on bore piston or using big piston. But, simply copy the piston which is widely used by Thailand for the race tuner FFA. Using Piston LHK brand used 66 mm diameter or with 70 mm piston for pursuing large capacity.This piston has a piston type races like the Special Engine (SE). The bottom of the piston is shorter.
2. 66 mm piston is combined with a stroke length of 86 mm.Stroke is the result of congenital crankshaft from Thailand as well. This will Create pursue maximum capacity.
3. Replacement handlebar piston having a smaller pen crankshaft, big end automatic can be shifted even further. Total contents of the cylinder which applied in this Motor Yamaha Mio a 295 cc. The capacity is already considered sufficient!
4. Using Bigger ExhaustAccompanying the swollen cylinder, valves rely on 34 mm (in) and 30 mm (ex). Valve itself took from a car belonging. Then the diameter of regenerated as needed.
5.  Camshaft using from Honda Estilo (car) applied. Length regenerated into 275 º (in) and 280 º (ex). 18.3 mm (for in valve) and 18.4 mm (for ex valve).
6. Using Comparison of the ratio of 18/39.
Detail Specs Yamaha Mio 2008, Thailand Drag Bike.
Other Special Parts for Build Motor Drag ala Thailand : Front tire using IRC 45/90-17, Rear tire using Eat My Dust 60/80-17, Rims Using TDR, Sok back using YSS and CDI from Yamaha Fino.

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